Visio Divina, “divine seeing” ~ Seeing The Word

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Barbara Sutton; Associate Dean of Formation and Outreach for Saint John’s University School of Theology-Seminary

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New Spiritual Program Draws on The Saint John’s Bible 

Collegeville, MInnesota (November 18, 2010)—for years, pilgrims have journeyed to saint John’s university in Collegeville, minnesota, to see and pray with The Saint John’s Bible. this revered spiritual work of art has now been incorporated into a study program that combines it with the prayer practice of visio divina, “divine seeing.” 

The program, Seeing the Word, aims to touch hearts and renew spirits by connecting individuals, groups, and ministry settings with the illuminated bible. Short reflection guides feature a number of scripture passages and illuminations from The Saint John’s Bible, guiding participants through the various stages of meditative and communal prayer that make up visio divina.

Sam Rahberg, Director of the Benedictine Retreat Center in St. Paul, Minnesota, was one of many pilot program facilitators. he explains, “we’ve seen Seeing the Word make a real difference in the lives of retreatants and guests . . . there comes a moment, you can almost see it in their eyes, when they realize the enormity of what’s before them.”

Developed by Saint John’s school of theology·seminary in collaboration with Liturgical Press, the program consists of 30 reflection guides to be rolled out over a three-year period, along with facilitator’s guides, Program manuals, and resource DVDs. the program’s website,, was recently launched and is available for those wanting to order the program or learn more. for more information about Seeing the Word or related programs, contact Barbara Sutton, Associate Dean  of formation and outreach for the saint John’s university school of theology·seminary, at (320) 363-3052



Seeing The word 

Developed by Saint John’s School of Theology·Seminary and Liturgical Press reflection guides, facilitator guides,  Program manual, and supplementary products  available at 

The School of Theology•Seminary is committed to preparing pastoral leaders to serve the church in the 21st century.

As part of the Seeing the Word program, we offer:

  • Presentations on Seeing the Word, visio divina, and theology and the arts
  • Training support for catechists and small groups
  • Support and planning on integrating Seeing the Word into the whole community or ministry
  • Prayer Gatherings for large groups, such as parish missions, conferences, and symposiums
  • Retreats and Special Event facilitating
  • Webinars: free online live events

Events may take place on the Saint John’s campus or on location at churches and organizations. Stipends and travel are negotiable.

For more information, please contact

Visual Theology – SEEING THE WORD:

Written by Kasey M. Devine

M.A. Scripture, School of Theology•Seminary,

Saint John’s University, Collegeville, MN

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