Registration Form ~ Page Four: Waiver of Liability Form, for the 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference

The 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference

Collegeville, MN

July 13(5 PM) – July 15, 2012 (1:30PM)

“Interchurch Families: ‘Listen…with the ear of your heart”

Waiver of Liability for the 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference 

Member and/or Participant 

(Must be executed by All Registrants) 


EVENT: AAIF 2012 Biennial Conference in Collegeville, MN                  

DATE:  July 13-15, 2012 

I understand that I am a participant in this event.  I release the American Association of Interchurch Families and/or its officers from all liability for accident, injury, Illness, or loss of property for myself and/or my dependent(s) and agree to indemnify and save harmless the sponsors from accident, illness, or injury to others or loss of their property caused partly or wholly by me and/or my dependent(s) while engaged in any voluntary activity supported by the sponsors.

Please note:  In most states an individual may accept a particular risk of harm resulting from another party’s conduct.  An express release by which one party agrees to assume the risk of harm arising from another party’s negligent conduct will be enforced by the courts so long as it does not release liability for willful or gross negligence and does not otherwise offend public policy.

By signing this release, you are not only agreeing that you will not sue the American Association of Interchurch Families or its officers should one or more of its members or officers cause you harm; you are also protected from being held liable as long as your conduct is not grossly negligent or intentional.

Signature:  __________________________     Date:  _______________________

Signature:  __________________________     Date:  _______________________

Signature:  __________________________     Date:  _______________________

Signature:  __________________________     Date:  _______________________

Signature:  __________________________     Date:  _______________________

Registration Form ~ Page Four:  Waiver of Liability Form

Please copy and paste this page, sign, date and mail it in with your registration form and payment in the same envelope

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