The 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference Collegeville, MN ➜ Registration Form ~ Page Two: Optional Tours Interest Form

The 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference

Collegeville, MN

July 13(5 PM) – July 15, 2012 (1:30PM)

“Interchurch Families: ‘Listen…with the ear of your heart”

Registration Form ~ Page Two: 

Optional Tours Interest Form

Please copy and paste this page to be mailed in with your registration form and payment in the same envelope

Please print clearly

To help conference planners to make the necessary arrangements

Please indicate which, if any, of the following tours or visits are of interest to you by writing the  number of people from your family who wish to visit that site in the 

line to the left.

Thank you!

___________  The Pottery  

___________   Saint John’s Liturgical Press 

   ☑     The Arboretum: The Arboretum adds to the retreat and calm ambiance to be found  at CSB/SJU: It is open all day.

Families may go there to enjoy nature on their own. Please see the links below for a trail map and for further details about the Arboretum 

The self-guiding tour of the buildings listed on the National Register of Historic Places because of its nature, can be done at any time using a guide book and campus map. 

____________  Buildings on the National Register of Historic Places at CSB/SJU: However, if there is enough interest we will ask about a guided tour  (Not all buildings are open to the public, but may be viewed from the exterior)

___________ The Hill Museum and Manuscript Collection Guided Tour will be  scheduled in the afternoon on Saturday July 14, 2012

Hill Museum and Manuscript Collection:Tour to include seeing the newly created Saint John’s Bible 

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