A Brief History of the American Association of Interchurch Families

In 1996, The American Association of Interchurch Families Hosted an International Conference for Interchurch Families at Virginia Beach

The ARK was first published in 1989. In the early 1980’s interchurch families held dialogues in Louisville, KY. During this process, we became aware of other interchurch families both around the USA and around the globe.

During Interchurch Family Conferences, we frequently have the opportunity to share our stories in an informal way with other interchurch families. The problem isn’t that we have fallen in love and married across historic denominational divisions, but that our churches have not understood that they may be the ones who may stand in the way of the success of our Domestic Churches/ Our Little Churches of the Home.

In 1997, AAIF held an organizational conference in Louisville, KY

In 1998, AAIF held a national conference in Omaha, NE

In 2003, AAIF members participated in the Global International-Multilingual Interchurch Families Conference near Rome at Mundo Migliore

Other organizational conferences were held during the interim years.

In 1990, the first American family attended an interchurch families conference for the United Kingdom at Corrymeela outside of Belfast, NI sponsored by N.I.M.M.A.

In 1992, Canadians and Americans attended the Association of Interchurch Families Conference in Dublin.

(Please send corrected dates to: TheARK.aaifPublication@gmail.com)

AAIF National CoNFERENCE _ 2012

Friday, July 13 – Sunday, July 15, 2012
Saint John’s University
Collegeville, Minnesota

AAIF National Conference – 2010

Friday, July 9 – Sunday, July 11, 2010
Holy Wisdom Monastery
Middleton, Wisconsin

AAIF National Conference – 2008

Friday, June 27 – Sunday, June 29, 2008
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Louisville, Kentucky

AAIF National Conference – 2006

July 21-23, 2006
Virginia Wesleyan College
Norfolk, Virginia

Fr. Ernest Falardeau, S.S.S.                                            


Fr. George Kilcourse



The Rev. Elaine Hall

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