Interchurch Families as “Domestic Churches” – Our Little Church of the Home and family

Interchurch Families: Christian Unity Made Visible in our Households

Each interchurch family finds their own path. No two interchurch families are identical and yet we have this bond. We rejoice in the multipleness of the various methods that interchurch families have succeeded in being domestic churches/ the little church of the home.

We all benefit from hearing what has worked and how other interchurch families have risen to their calling as ecumenists.

Once we have found a path that works for our own nuclear family, which is an interchurch family, is important for us to join together to share our lived experiences so that

1. We can help to illuminate the ways that Interchurch Families are beneficial to the greater Christian Communities in which we live because we live a unity that the corporate body that we have come to know as Church.

2. Because as interchurch families we benefit from being in a community that embraces ecumenism, Interchurch Couples who are able to recognize that they have also been given a mission of “Love”… Agape Love to bring about the Unity that Christ expressed as being the explicit desire of God for humanity have often gone beyond what they may have originally perceived  themselves of being capable of doing. In this service to others and in working to create structures that serve to create bridges across traditional historical divides, interchurch families often serve in their local churches at a higher level than many single church families.

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