The ARK, a Publication of the American Association of Interchurch Families

The ARK, A Publication of the American Association of Interchurch Families links the world to topics and online sources that may be of interest to Interchurch Families, their families of origin, Ecumenists, anyone who is working toward finding a path toward Christian Unity, and who is interested in exploring how to bridge historical divisions in our society and in the global community.

The ARK, A Publication of the American Association of Interchurch Families May 2012, Volume 23, Edition 5


Pages 1 & 3-7    “Who is the greatest in the  kingdom of heaven?”

Pages 7 & 8        Applying Christ’s suggestion to be  more like children to our lived   experience and mission as  Interchurch Families

Pages 8 – 13      Children have a natural curiosity:  Ways to be a more curious,  some suggestions based on the  inspired ideas by Darren Rowse

Page 13              Communities Working together to  create something positive

Page 14             “Lateral Thinking” and Problem  Solving to find unity

Pages 15 – 16     Biblical Reflections and Prayers:  “Changed by the Servant Christ”

Page 16              “The Single Story”

Page 16              Prayer for a gathering of  Christians seeking Christian Unity

Page 17             The Parable of the Good  Samaritan

Pages 17 – 19    A Review of the Film: “The Visitor”

Page 20    Interchurch Families: Ecumenical Instruments by Ruth Reardon

Page 21    Building On Forty Years Of Dialogue By Father Ernest Falardeau, SSS

Pages 22- 23 “101 WAYS TO MAKE A POSITIVE IMPACT” by the ADL

Page 24   Ecumenical Realities  – Martin E. Marty at the University of Chicago

Page 25   The 2012 AAIF Biennial  Conference: Speakers & Campus links

Page 26   The 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference: Registration Form

Page 27   Optional Tours at AAIF Conference

Page 28   Conference Fees for attendees

Page 29   Waiver Form (Required)

Pages 30 – 34  Benedictine Thought and Values in a  Welcoming Community

Page 35     Hymn of Promise

Page 36   “The Work of God” in the world around us and how we encounter that of God through our interactions with others

Page 36  Many Thanks are being given to everyone who made this edition of the ARK possible

Earlier editions of the ARK from 2012:

In 2010, The ARK reflected what had happened during the AAIF 2010 Biennial Conference:

The ARK June  2012, Volume 23, Edition 6:

Interchurch Families: “Listen…with the ear of your heart”                                                            ~ Theme for the 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference


Pages 2 – 8  Details for “The 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference”: to be held from July
13 – 15, 2012 in Collegeville, MN; Registration Forms, costs, and Required Waiver of Liability Form included

Pages 9 – 10  Changed through patient waiting for the Lord

Page 11 John 17:21 & 20:21

Page 11 “The soul, in its loneliness, hopes only for “salvation.” The Art of the Commonplace: The Agrarian Essays of Wendell Berry

Page 12 “Changed through patient waiting for the Lord” – a prayer

Pages 12 – 15 “Last of All”- reflection over the meaning of MARK 9:35-37; a book review from “Bread of Angels” written by Barbara Brown Taylor

Page 16  Prayer for Forgiveness “Hear us, O Lord!” A reflection is offered by Sarah Eagle Heart, Missioner, Indigenous Ministries of the Episcopal Church.

Page 17  “Loving and Being Loved”

Pages 17 – 19  American Journeys: Journeys to Discover Ourselves

Page 20  Ecclesial Literature Project

Pages 21 – 24  “Discipleship amidst the unknown” Rev. Dr Olav Fykse Tveit,General Secretary, World Council of Churches

Pages 25 – 26  Canterbury hosts multi-faith dialogue on international development

Page 26 Living in a World with Change Always Imminent:                                                               Somethings Always Stay the Same

Page 27 “Time” a perception

Pages 28-31 Waiting Patiently for the Lord; Listening With the Ear of Our Heart:

Page 32 Many Thanks

Interchurch Families: “Listen…with the ear of your heart”                                                            ~ Theme for the 2012 AAIF Biennial Conference

Coming soon:

The ARK, July 2012, Volume 23, Edition 7:

Pages 2 – 5  Registration Forms for the AAIF 2012 Biennial Conference: 4 Form Pages (Please Copy and Complete)

Pages 6 – 8 Suffering Servant: Christ suffered for us -The divine paradox is that God can change tragedy and disaster into victory.

Page 8 Christian Terminology: “Bearing Witness,”

Pages 8 – 10 Kenosis/self-emptying, a presentation with a discussion created by Kevin M. Cronin

Pages 10 – 13   Inspiration from Quotes made by Nelson Mandela and Matthew 18:1-5, a discussion of the principles and lived Christian example given to us by Nelson Mandela for our times by M.J. Glauber                                           

Pages 13 – 15 “I’m a Stranger Here Myself: Notes on Returning to America After Twenty Years Away” by Bill Bryson – A book Review

Pages 15 -17 Ecumenical Corner

May 2012 ~ The National Workshop on Christian Unity; Oklahoma City, April 16-19, 2012 by E. Falardeau

Page 17 Lessons Learned from Nelson Mandela:  by David Crane

Pages 18 – 19 Interchurch Couples: Sharing our Stories: “Mixed Sheep in the Church” by Jason Weirich

Pages 20 – 21   Language Matters, A Scriptural Concept to be considered

Page 21 Chimamanda Adichie: The danger of a single story

Page 22 – 23 International News 

Page 24 Many Thanks

The ARK, A Publication of the American Association of Interchurch Families is published 3-4 times a year.

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