The Ecumenical Importance of Vatican II: Vatican II ‐ an unprecedented event, a council like no other…. Is not the full realization of the decisions of Vatican II the real Vatican III for right now? With Implications of a presentation made by Cardinal Godfried Danneels at Southwark Cathedral

The Ecumenical Movement,  Seeking and Finding Christian Unity, and the Role for Interchurch Families  is explored 50 years after Vatican II with Implications for Interchurch Families pages 6 -7

If you have ever wondered about what Vatican II was really all about or how it may have impacted interchurch families and the on-going search for Christian Unity, I believe that your questions will be answered in the following commentary give by Cardinal Godfried Danneels on the celebrations of the 50th Anniversary of the Second Vatican Council. I have included his review of the outcome and documents of Vatican II because I thought that Cardinal Danneels did an excellent job of explaining what happened. He also finds those documents to be useful still and especially at this point in history. Vatican II was very pastoral in its focus. Interchurch Families have expressed gratitude for any and all positive pastoral care that they/we have received. Please read for yourself to refresh your memory about potential that the Vatican II documents still hold for all of us.

~ M.J. Glauber


Page 7  & 8     –  Is not the full realization of the decisions of Vatican II the real Vatican III for right now? Implications of a presentation made by  Cardinal Godfried Danneels at   Southwark Cathedral (with a link)

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Vatican II ‐ an unprecedented event, a council like no other

Is not the full realization of the decisions of Vatican II the real Vatican III for right now?

The Tablet Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Second Vatical Council Vatican II ‐ an unprecedented event, a council like no other

Cardinal Godfried Danneels speaks at Southwark Cathedral

25 October 2012, 9:00

(The original article can be read in its entirety at the following link:  )

Vatican II was a council unlike any preceding one. It was a special event for many reasons. Even though it stands in a long line of councils: it was in many respects a new kind of council.

The article found  in The Tablet at the link above is excellent.

It is a thorough overview of Vatican II that Daneels follows up with some probing  questions about applying Vatican II to  our time and place in history now.

Cardinal Godfried Danneels gave the well researched presentation in Amigo Hall, Saint George’s Cathedral, Southwark on 18 October 2012.


Implications for Interchurch Families:

It clearly is the time to look back over the body of works that were created by Vatican II. Have those guidelines been properly understood and put into place?

If not what has held that back from happening?  Where to from here? What ecumenical implications can be found for us at this time within the documents created by Vatican II?

I would like to thank Cardinal Godfried Danneels for his in depth clarification about Vatican II and the wisdom that can be found within those documents. His comprehensive overview of Vatican II and the role that it should play now that 50 years have passed since it originated are clearly explained. This article should be on the must read list of all Ecumenists and Interchurch Families.

Now seems to be the right time to review what is actually stated in those Vatican II documents and then to move forward using them. If they weren’t properly understood or properly applied when they first came out, those guidelines can still be explored and studied.

Interchurch Families around the world have found inspiration and hope for Christian Unity within those documents.

May this be the beginning of a bright future that leads us further along that path toward Christian Unity.   ~ M.J. Glauber

 IMG_8219 Christian Art from the early Middle Ages, the Cloisters, NYC, August 2011

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